Monday, October 13, 2008

it hurts a lot when.....

Prabhat chauk @ Jalgaon

Mitranno Namskar

I Remembers a sentence of amryaa

Kebyaa u r emotional pool Fool

Very well said amrish bhau.. U judged it in right direction..

So i am at jalgaon ..
And i have been a ni8 at my home..

2day i was bored .. Sunyaa 2 were at his room .. So to be happy i wanted to hit my lovely place in jalgaon..

It *was* my favourite place .. Whem i was in sad mood , happy mood i use to show myself to that place..

But its now vanished.. There built a wall compound .. Youngster who smokes use to be there whole day .. Secure place .. I m talking about place between mj ground and one end of diploma colleage ..

Who use to give me company there.. Mi always go there alone.. Never go with any of friend .. Used to beilive that is only for me..

I sharply remember there was a sement concrete bridge that served to cross a 5 feet ' nala '
And 6 shaped rock of stool size were fitted on the bridge .. We ( those who not use to owe bikes ) used them for sitting purpose..

Whenever i felt some deep thought i have been there to think more on that..

Oops i 4get to mention the trees actually lot of trees provided a cool envirnoment in hot city.. No worries i had came here at 1 pm too to take rest.. In the months of may.. Oh nw i have answer , mine bday falls in may so the may heat was nt applicable on me ;)

But pankya u r s in feb .. How u did mananged to hit roads at 48 c ;)

Back to point .. The place served me as study room too!
I have hold book about 4- 5 hours continuously!
ok hostalites! This is true ;)

I managed to secure 91.7? Percentile in all india mca exam.
And the exam study was dond at this place..

So the place had given me all i wanted from it ..
And its been a place who have shared my happiness.. Sorrows.. Failures ... Success
Oh better word always there LIFE !

I will always miss u dear.. I am sure u too!
Dont worry before leaving this life we will meet.. I can cross compounds!

Wishing some other place who have ppls connected with her remains always connected !

Tinyaa we missed our newspapers first issue's headline ;(
But thanks to him who corrected the error! See carefully the snap

Reached vt!
Oh yes i m back!
-by kb
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