Friday, July 25, 2008

Life @ 310

Hi All Professionals ,
Watz up.. Dude..., Cool these words sounds good and we now habitual .. aren't we ??
But just a thought wat if I was in my college ( HOSTEL ) days... what would i had used in communications??
These are keywords and each follow its own history and victory.....
I just though for a few min and these what i could remember ..
"true friend","Killing Smile", "Paladhi" , "310" , "Deva Canteen" , "Birtday Celebrations" , "Internals" ,"Study with umya , golya aani sudhya","Amrya","Bhadya"
"Sunyaa", "Debeting on direction to bambhori from 310" , "Jockey" ,"bc debited from my account to sudhir's account",
"Pathak.. jaminishi naat thev" ," chess game in front of amrya" , "What could be Shape of Red stamp on TC", "Ragging case" , "Ghoti" , "Hostel mess" , "Accounting internal previous night" , "O baba ssss Tumase Milane ko dil karta hai","2' 3'' inchacha pipe" , "Pool game till 4 am" , "baba" , "kailya" ,"Silicon vally" ,"Ghubad","maka","shital cha bhadya","kbin","don","feast", " Mr. Mathenson" ,"MSC admission system" ,"Tanenbaum kaka","meeth (salt) hech amrut","Pani hech jeevan","Anita mess - lol ","motorola c200","Ganya", "Kashish"
i remember i had irrited sudhir a lot in 310.
" Sudhir once warned me , that if I will iritate him anymore he gonna hit me like anything" baapre kay dialog hota pan height was "mi mhantal aaple hath kay bandhale nahi" Thank God sudhyaa remained cool ....
"Sau Sonar ki.. hya Sau Sudhya ki Ek Pathak ki" :) i written this on back of door.. and it erased by sudhir..... lol

but 310 la 310 pan aannaari manas mhanaje "Vineet, Sudhya ,Prasad , kb ( ohhh my self ) , amrya , sunya ,shekhya,bhushya borse,maka,rahul,palve " and all "who caused us to do Bc"

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Anonymous said...

i wish i would be boy so enjoyed all that.