Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Life is giving all joys..mmmmuuuhhh

What if this happieness is of fraction time ... God i always wanted this life but remember not in installments.. So always keep this level plz..

I want to break all all misunderstandings regarding me... I will... whether u sure or nt sure .. The one person was sure from starting abt this change and he is ' tinyaa '. To others i kept saying leave me as it is even to my parents...

Ye dunia dekhati rah jayegi mere dost!

Have u seen 'Lakshya' ? If someone asks me which movie u think should be u r life
My answer is 'lakshya'..

No more love stories now..
Life can be lived on your own ...
So i am living ...

Either get lakshya or leave it

But just your desire to get the lakshya will do nothing change in the state of this world..
It will only iritate you
And u will loose u r remaining happiness too...

Wish u all will get u r 'lakshya'

*MY* respected A P J Abdul kalam saheb said..
The dreams are those that not lets you sleep.. NOT the once which u sees in sleep.,

-by kb
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