Monday, July 28, 2008

aaj ushir zala..

Mitranno Namskar

Gm mumbai...
Aaj bhalta ushir zala..
Pharak tar padelach na.. Aaj sudhir nahiye na..
I believe envirnoment change zal ki pharak tar padtoch..

Ani mag magchya envirnoment chi khup athawan yete..
Pan shevati tumhalach adjust whav lagat..

Btw i m fast in adjustment..

Only peremanant thing is change..
Yesterday i saw
*kismat connection* at room..
Among the persons i know chetan is crazy 4 movies..
He use to bring lots of movies..( fyi only u grade huh )
I now barely sees them.. But sometime i get chance 2 be all alone.. I prefare to see movie alone .. Though i know whats going on screen is all fictious..
I cries if thr is sentimental scene.. For 3 hrs i suppose i am the hero.. Lol

as always all is possible only in movies.
I liked one dialog from it
' woh kal ka sach tha.. Ye aaj ka sach hai '
Yesterday i 4 get to mention this in my post
' woh kal ka sach tha.. Ye aaj ka sach hai '
Lekin *sach* hai..

So i m reaching vt in few

Have a safe day to me..
Are visarlat i am late 2day and i have a BOSS


-by kb
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