Sunday, July 20, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

This was the moment which i lived forgetting about whole world.. And i got filled my dil with lots lots of satisfaction..

This is what i am leaving my life now a days.. What i think is right i am doing.. WITHOUT caring what others are thinking about my changed behaviour.. It giving me immense satisfaction.. Why i should listen whole world .. I dont use to keep the BALL in my court..
If they want to accept me .. They will have to accept as i am..
Because i observing.. Sometimes someone do not thinks AS i always use to thinks for them .. So its better always to live u r life according to u only..

I am Enough capable to know this world! I am not U.. But i respect u.. And i dont want to convert this respect into hate..

I fears myself when i hates some one..

So i am not going to learn the way to leave life from u..

Btw i hardly remembers i bounds my ASSUMPTIONS on someone because they even dont think it is worth to listen me..


I try to bound on very very few in numbers and i am bounded to listen from them only..


I remember i was so much crazy with pillu ( dog in *his* childhood ) when i myself was in my childhood.. I use to survey dhule on my little bycycle whole day.. i might be in my 5th when i started to bring small cute dogs On bycycle to our owned house..
Before 5th too i was very lucky in finding the *moti* in the 10 mins *walking* circle area.. i use to name my pet moti..

So day 1 = survey for good looking moti..
Day 2 = creating envirnoment to bring him home.. This means not taking permission..
Day 3 = wait till moti's mom will be out.. Once she left .. Pick up raju and bring him home..
And play, feed, take him to walk whold day so that nt a single moment he remembers his mom.. So i satisfied
Night 3 = oh god moti ko ghar ki yad kyon aai! And then mummy papa use to explain me u parted most loving relationship.. And i use to believe this is sin.. I use to pray god to forgive me.. For what i did..
Day 4 = moti taken back to his home.. Safly and carefully and this time infront of his mother!

* The snap is taken by tushar @ abt 2 am at jui nagar stn when i was wating 4 tushar to reach jui nagar from ltt ..
Plz igore the quality of the snap

And those 20 mins nothing came in my mind just me and moti played.. Thanks moti to allow me to play with u.. And giving me lots lots of JOY

Have a safe life...
But this time to MOTI ;)

-by kb
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Anonymous said...

kb tumhi fakt kalpanik nahi tar khup sensitivehi ahat.Important thing is u take JOY from every moment of life, nice one..........

kebyaa said...


Thanks vainy .. keep visiting and commenting..