Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pratham tula vandito

Mitranno Namskar

Gm mumbai..

Going to office
2day wil be tough working day
Why it is always 4 me! I can spend long time when i am online.. And Shhhhhh secret is i can spend more long time when i am offline !

Pan ram tar kadhi tari dyavach lagto.. Mag deunach takto * aaj purta * lol

pratham tula vandito krupala.. Gajanana ... Ganraya..

Ha pan he 11 am pasun .. Ata mi majhach ahe.. Ajun 2 varsh tari.. To paryant chance ahe XYZ la.. Lol

Do u like to break assumptions..? What this world sets for u..
I do..

I remembers all related 2 me used to hav a common assumption .. That i cant wake up on my own.. Ha ha

i m from kadholi ( though i barely visits )
And it used to be said regarding kadholikars
' they are one of the most tikh* wale '

Reaching vt in few

Have a good spending day..

* means not exactly ego.
But it is ego when opposite party causes it.. Tikh written in my marathee.. I hope u got what that means..

-by kb
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