Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sometimes i thinks i m nt matured yet

Mitranno Namskar

Gm going to office..

Its obvious i not shares each happening through my blog

But wen i woke up this morning this was the first thought came to my mind

I believe each thing happens *knowingly* only

So its time to say SORRY to those whom i behaves harshly.. *Knowingly* .. Bcoz i dont hurt *unknowingly*


I MAY have valid *reasons* to hurt you *knowingly*
So i want to say *SORRY* if u 2 accepts there were valid *thoughts*

Reaching vt in few


Do u also thinks i am nt matured yet???

-by kb
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Girish said...

aikanyaas anand watla, ki tula halu halu satyaacha parichay whaylaa lagalaa aahe........uttam........

Anonymous said...

Its not like that. you are matured. but sumtime we are not able to take decisions.and same goes wid u. But i know there is nothing wrong in your mind and heart.


kebyaa said...


satyacha parichay ha hotach re.. pan to aata blog through tumhala sangtoy...

aani i stressed mind but i m not remembering you yaar...

sorry for that..

keep visiting and commenting..


hey yogi,

felt nice reading your comment

keep visiting and commenting...