Friday, October 24, 2008

i am unavailable

Mitranno Namskar

So i am again here with one more thought

And i have decided not to go online

Decided only to give calls only when needed

I hope those who are habitual wil understand me

Our relations are safe ;)

Ummm kb u not going home for diwali?


Some questions dont have answers..

wish u a very happy diwali

What u will miss kb ?

I use to lite a 'diwa' on diwali ni8 which is gifted to me by my aaji and watching it ..

No worries my mummy knows my minds this side .. I will tel her to lite it.. And then put it back SAFELY

So wish u wil have safe diwali

Its time to think now what to do 2marrow ..


-by kb
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Umesh Aawte said...

you said
"Some questions dont have answers.."

Then it is not a question.

Why you are talking about such things if you do not have a any solution.

kebyaa said...

because i can talk ;)

happy diwali umesh!