Friday, May 15, 2009

a decision

Mitranno Namskar

I m nt happy with that tailor from mulund who took rs 600 a dress , he is selfish who used exact quantity a dress would require.. Having tried the first dress i turned off..

A dress that too with raymonds fine fabric .. Can certainly be tailored well..
Pant is ok but shirt is skin tight having a palm size huge pocket ! I was like to tell him what u learnt fron u r 33 years exp.. The button are king size! Phew! he made all his effort to make shirt ugly.
N kb advised him to replace the buttons with sober size .. Told him to reduce the pocket size.. Also he said he will loosen it..

I just hope he understood what formals should look..
N make other dress as worth as make me smile ..

But the decision is i will never try tailor from mumbai.. More over i wil tel my pops to purchase the cloth of there choice.. And the tailor from jalgaon..
N i will surely mention he has gr8 choice..

To err is human.. ;)

Btw i took decision.. And i could say no to amrya!
N he is nt happy!
But i m too happy that i could take a open eyed decision having keeping a side his influence on me!
But the result is he wil nt recieve my call..
And i m fearing bc will leave both us!
No .. No that couldnt happen!
Bhai jada din gussa nahi honeka huh!
Chal cyaaa

I m at vt

-by kb
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Anonymous said...

Hi KB,

If you are buying a material from raymond then get it stitched from Raymond outlet. They have excellent tailors just to save few bucks you will spoil the fabric by giving them to such uncle tailors. One more thing...go to pantaloons or shopper will get nice readymade formals of john miller..specially check some formal shirts...go to JStores they have a very good collection in a very reasonable rate....i will miss shopping with you.....

kebyaa said...

anonymous ji.. kaise ho.. bahut dino baad!

are chima.. i will add more to your comment..
i am having suit fabric for my wedding ceremony from raymonds.. and i am getting it tailored from the man who is authorized tailor for Raymond outlet... and i saved thousand bucks!

contact karneka apun ko.. janane ke liye kaise!


even i will be missing you..
anyways.. wats up @ u r end !