Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7th 8th n 9th

Mitranno Namskar

N i attended meetings

It seems i will nt need attending more pohe..

Choice will be from 7th and 9th

N i guess reply is yes from both

I will be happy with anyone
But at the same time will find hard time when need to say no from my side..
So request to god is move things ahead with one n other should say no from their side
But if ball will be in my court then i will talk with the girl personally whom i think it is must to talk

i think in chat the girl was expecting more talk.. pops n their family are knowing well .. It seemed me the girl was ignored..

I can imagin her expectation..


I m checked out whether i m really holding a job!
Yep i meet a relative from one of the family at my company ;)

I m going to room
Guess who is waiting at room!
No other than kundya
Saheb aaj party chya mood madhe distay!

-by kb
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