Tuesday, February 24, 2009

regorous testing

Mitranno Namskar

And i almost done wid my work i assigned to myself. In
Past 1 n half month i had valid reason to be sad ;)
But priority won n i gave my full attention over my work.
I m nt satisfied but.. Ummm this post is turning towards what n how abt my work.. But i will explain abstracting details.

First i will say software engineering is good subject that i studied in mca course

It certainly helps ..

I m nt praising myself but that is true.. Go for software iff u have thought process

My experience is i tend to *look*contineuosly at screen depositing my 70% time in thinking process and i saves 80% time with my coding efforts that would have required otherwise.

Ah enough spoken about my work related ..

Its monday ni8 n i m back with list of possible candidates ;)
But decision is on mom n dads sholders.. Let them choose among selected roll numbers ;) ..

Newways me back to work from 2marrow ..

lots of thought process applied to choose those selected roll numbers..

Muze nind na aaye muze chain na aye .. Koi jaye jara dhundake aye.. N jane kaha dil kho gaya ;)

Ummmm gn to selected roll numbers

-by kb
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