Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Unmarried Desk

Namkar Mitranno,

(Friends after seeing the pic :-) So whats new kb ? (as usual you looking very smart... say say ;)

we also uses desk...

Kb:- Who is denying ;) But I have now 12 beauties..( not got ??? ) See the poster in the snap..

I have got 2009 desk calender @ my desk

And my time at desk is happier than ever..

ummmm what happening is when i am glancing at the calender .. i am guessing how the one i.e mrs kb would be ;)

Pregnant womens also does same trick... have you observered ?? on there bedroom walls cute babies posters sticked .... i am sure they has good feeling looking at those...

and me ( no wait Unmarried bachelor ) using the trick replacing pregnant with a smart bachelor n cute babies with cute girls ... ;) lol

and advises you to if u planning too... u can have do same trick..

one more thing i m listening the romantic songs.. ( have you been in archies showroom ?? just like those ) haaa need to mention the song list is of thombyaa... which i found on dhingana!!

good job dude.. you created for valentine week ..dont worry i will be using that frequently...

newways.. its finishing line over project .. me will be staying in office 2ni8.....

ohhh yes.. someday calender will be replaced too.. umm but the girls are cute huh... n songs r also gr8...

dilli ab dur nahi hai mere dost ;)

have a nice time


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