Saturday, February 28, 2009

पोहे क्रं 1

Mitranno Namskar


सुधीर भाउ आपण माझ्या सोबत आलात मंडळ आभारी आहे.
मुलगी व्यवस्थीत आहे
नकार का द्यावा अशी परिस्थीती आहे . आनखी
2 चान्स घ्यावेत असा विचार आहे.

What i thinking why to be in hurry .. Afterall i will wish to go for best suitable match

i thought i will be unconfortable there .. But all went well..

Girls looks heighted in sarees huh.. Even sudhyaa was confused.

असो उद्या पोहे क्रं 2 .. ;)

Before that i will be finishing remained tasks from my project

I hope i had good impression left on the girl n m in the wishing list of her ;)

Neways lets c what happens tomarrow ..

Btw i happened to be at some other day at mantralaya ane i found a lady begger speaking english.. Ye hai mumbai meri jaan!

Wish the girl finds someone *more* worthy than me if needs ;)

Reached vt!
This time? Yeps i m adjustible according to situation


-by kb
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Dinesh A. Wagh said...

छान आहे भाउ, म्हणजे लवकरच नाचायला मीळनार आहे आता.

Anonymous said...

Grate Kb Bhau

At last you did it.