Monday, August 10, 2009

taking help

Mitranno Namskar

I dont like to ask help from my parents .. Cause then they has/can have control over the things which i does and what i likes

I pay avg 1k to airtel
They upon noticing will have an issue.. But they cant tell me until i take any help from them

I listens from few

I am married and i sure need to cut off mobile bills , coz ethically i am the one who is care of person for my spouce

But all this i want to implement by my own

Their is better statement to explain this

मान्य आहे की मी जास्त पावसाळे पाहीले नसतील पण मी पाहीलेल्या पावसाळयात पाऊस पडलाच नाही अस्स नाहीय !

Point is i do also want to experience carrying ahead my life anyhow

So my aim is to wait at most till oct for job hunting in pune otherwise we will live at one of the most happening place of world!

My dad blamed always i couldnt passed mca in time
And i got its realisation when i couldnt satisfy the walkin criteria of tcs hear in mumbai

Reapeating someones statement

When i realised my father was right , i had a son who thinks i am wrong!!

try try never cry world no stops with tcs ;)

Reaching mulund in few

-by kb
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