Wednesday, August 12, 2009

nothing costs to dreaming

Mitranno Namskar

At 4 mob rang with mail alert
Its from a company which kb has found in the process of job hunt

Lil Background

He explored most of companies web pages
He said voila
He scaned intw process and he was stunned

A company whr not a single employee is ganya ( like me ;) )

He said himself beta kb are re resume pathavaychi bi himmat nahi

2 days he was thinking should or should not to send

Finally he sent the resume and the next moment he thought u did one more bc

I convince myself with a thought kb stupid looj at u r resume does it is worth for a company , the hr will safely move it to trash
And what if they get back?
Ummm i will then say na no i am not looking for job

Aso they are back to me
And the hr ? No recruitment specialliest mentiones
A must go through process then n they will arange a telephonic intw
(thank god they didnt sent my resume to trash ;) may be they impressed on my bravery ;) )

Now the ball is in my court !
It has a long time i played with 'C' pitch (look i just reserved statement if i fails )
But not the thinking process that helps me to be on pitch!


Code speaks for itself!

Gn folks

-by kb
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