Sunday, May 29, 2011

i feel alone when i am alone

Mitranno Namskar

From chalisgaon, came here to attend rajesh's wedding.. Friends are having nap,and me being thinking..
gotcha is i cant share my thoughts,they are making me crazy..

Why i can't deside..

I want everybody happy..
But in this process i have almost lost myself.
Yep i am part of things, i am not the kb me and u use to know.
So sorry kb for spoiling u r image.but cant assure will not do again.

Every time i am alone, i m in thoughts..making me more alone..

I was having adjustment attitude,god only knows where it disappeared now..

Tried everything..but thoughts catches me when i m with only myself.
Sorry kb, i didnt learnt to adjust with kb.

Finally ...I am the one who is कर्ता करवीता , so not blaming anyone

Handle it! How? I dont know.
Hope time has the answer,and the time comes.

Btw how to control uncontrolled things?


-by kb
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