Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Mitranno Namskar

Cant justify i should call it happy moment or what

When i was searching job webo was my dream
Only i know how desperately i waited for that single mail which encloses offer later

I got it and the world was mine.
Chima u made it possible
i can guess there is misunderstanding bet us
But believe me u r just gr8 friend i want always.

I joined i worked i learnt i got chance to prove so proved i enjoyed work

N today its a different day there is turning situation i ultimately want to grow more
Want more explosure
So need to shift

But what i got

I got chance to come up as se

I got chance to live in mumbai

I got my wished bonding
Yeah panu if u remembers we used to chat when i joined and make me scolded ;)

I got ( i suppose ) to know one personality .. I hope u think me as friend ( i guess yes )... ( yep i would have happy if things were happend ) i will ummm cant forget u ..anyways thanks for everything


Here i am now
Happy in the end
Going to carry my experiences
Cheers for good times


-by kb
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