Tuesday, October 19, 2010

रावन दहण

Mitranno Namskar

Apparently it seems nothing happening or happening so fast!

I wil say fast... very fast
Last post i hv written when i was mumbai!

Yes dosto i m writing from pune

Oh.. I should tel u gr8 news
Finally sudhir got married when we were in mumbai
N i n swati played various roles.
That was the gr8 day weexperienced .. Even i got my job offer on same day.
Wish him happy married life.

And abt the title!

I hv been admiring raavan since i began to judging others.. What a gr8 brahman!
N i believe he played the role of villen so greatly that we began to see him idol for wrong things!

I m having wrong things which i burnt this dasera
So this was shubh dasera for me.

Aso ,

Just to make note in my diary there are flats in pune which wil cost nearly 100 lacks!

Pops has sold new bought house of us in jalgaon.. Thanks he didnt changed my permanant address!
We wil continue living in 10 shinde nagar pimprala shivar jalgaon 425002!

Swati rejoined her work place

So we wil be buying a scooter for her.. Mostaly activa wil be 1st choice.. Lets see whr the thought wil land..

Sunil bhau joining pune finally..congratulating him!

I hv applied for passport..its taking time..

No offence But i feels pune walks slow..peoples should do crash course of walk in dadar west!
Coz mumbai literally runs!
Wil mis her always..

Hopefully I should write regularly..


Btw amrish n me (see snap) had superb bench days until he shifted to hinjewadi !

-by kb
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