Thursday, July 31, 2008

abcd of grief in MY view

Mitranno Namskar

First thing

I dont agree that if u r feeling grief .. It must be shown through u eyes..

My eyes cant cry so this doesnt means i dont have grief.

Do the world need to know that i have grief so i cried

I have a well shaped heart that can feel the grief..

Most ******* grief is i believe
Is when u cant even say sorry to someone u want to say..

Sudhir always tells .. And i dont miss atleast the MAIN points from him
Other times i thinks bore kashala kartoy..

So he once said..

Mistek is not mistek when it is done unknowingly.. But if u r aware what u r doing is mistek then its a MISTEK

But what if u doing one thing with whatever reasons u thaught at the time of doing..
That time i do the things and not mistek..

And later when it turns to be mistek done that too knowingly and i even cant appolise..

Because to appolise i believe
Not shows u r wrong or other party is wrong and vice a versa
But it shows how much u respect the relationship..

I do that always..

And sometimes thr r situation u cant cheat u r heart
I believe u atleast accepted to u r heart ..

So no appolise may be equal to no respect to relations

But again in clear and loud..
No respect to relations doesnt mean that u dont want to say sorry..

-by kb
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Sudhir said...

Hi Dear!!
We always used to think for a while before doing the thing, & if we did so & if our deed turn to be forgatable event then there are only two possibilities of failure.

One is our thoughts are unaccetable or ununderstandable by ohters so we feel bad.
Other & dengerous reason is our thought was not complete.

In both conditions we can't blame ourselves for the deed. If the reason of grief is second then we should learn to visuallise the complete impact of the deed so we can avoid the future grief.

BTW past is past & each one should try to remember the joyuos moments of it.

Be Happy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, first of all i want to tell you,the grief is not flashy, actually its express from your bottom of heart.In that case we do not matter its way of expression , only matters how deep it is. (Exrpress through tears, by long face or sometimes by smily face to hide inside THE GRIEF).
Be glee.......!

Anonymous said...

Mistake is not mistake when it is done unknowingly.. But if u r aware what u r doing is mistake then it's a MISTAKE". I liked the sentence. i agree this is 100% correct.

In this world, if you want strong relationship then you will never make *knowingly* mistake in your life and will always respect it.

Lotus said...

I am thinking like this ….
Some time some persons or some passion makes man to Grief.
Grief is the strong felling for somebody e.g family, friend, some place etc.
Grief is pain that will make someone unspoken or very violent depending on the situation they gone through. Some MISTAKE that is known or unknown executed by them. They are not aware of this think.
Make Grief regarding your career if you don’t have …

Anonymous said...

Agree - eyes not alway way to convey grief, but tears let you come of situation.
When we did something which later turns into mistek and we don't want to apolise then it is surely mistek as we are aware of what we are doing/did and still we don't want to accept (no matter proving who is wrong). Throw ego (if have any).

Be happy man accepting our own fault doesnot make any negative impact on our on personality from our own perspective, just dont think what other will think.
Again agree with "No respect to relations doesnt mean that u dont want to say sorry.. ", good relationship doesnot need words like sorry, thaks etc. etc.
Nice thoughts!!!
keep writing!!!
have a nice time!!!

kebyaa said...


Hatz off to you..


Vainy , charlie chaplin mhatla hota

"I Like to walk in the rain.. so nobody can't see me crying "

keep visiting and commenting



chal means you liked Something from post..

jast vichar karava nahi lagla na.. kelach nasashil..karu pan nako.. Kela tari jamnaar nahi... lol

but u liked something which is the MAIN point..

keep visiting and commenting.



most liked to see your comments first time .. do keep visiting and commenting..

i liked u r view.. mala tar ti fact pan vatatey..

"Grief is pain that will make someone unspoken or very violent depending on the situation they gone through."

And today i will not miss the chance to say SORRY to you.. for whatever reasons.. dont ask those..

Grief Jara/Khup kami kel ;)

I believe it was my luck to know you better... Trivector visarlas ka? lol


Aata grief kami kartoy na..
why you incresing with posting your views without identity.

anyways thanks for appreciating post..

and next time i want to call you by your name

keep visiting and commenting..

Anjeet said...

Relation is just glass of water once breaks can be join but cracks always remain on it. So one mistake can change direction.
So every one has try to handle it any softly.
Once again ur blog show how to maintain the lifetime relationship

Anjeet said...

Relation is just glass of water once break can be join but cracks always remain on that. One should always try to make good relations or you can say lifetime relation.
One mistake or one misunderstanding leads to others in opposite direction. This blog helps to share everyone thoughts Its great pleasure for me to write commments on this blog. Keep it up kb ...

Umesh Aawte said...

Hi KB.....

If you are friend (best) and s/he knows you then
no need to regret.

But if things critical as you said.
Then just don't wait that one will ask you to say sorry.
I am going in detail but it works I have experience.
Say sorry it will not take a minute and a rupee.

I think we should think for a second before doing/saying
anything that should not heart any one.
That's the only way.I think so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kb,

Regarding Grief i will say that , if you are in grief please dont keep it in you. Just express it to one who is very close to you coz it hurts when you keep it in you.
No matter how much you laughing or pretending others that you are fine but your eyes are the mirror to your heart. and it is easily shown through your eyes. So express it say it to your near one and then you will feel so relaxed.

And regarding relationship (its not only for couples but applies to friends and family too) i must say that, if two people know each other very well then i dont think that one should give justification about what he/she had done was knowingly or unknowignly. But yes we should do something to show the concern or respect for that relation.

i liked sudhi's comment.

this was a very nice blog.
after reading this i have one question for you - why you think that are you matured or not?

My answer is YOU ARE MATURED.

keep writing.



kebyaa said...


Hi anjeet welcome to my world!!

Thanks for appriciating the post

keep visiting and commenting..


I think we should think for a second before doing/saying

i decided.. to follow this ...

keep visiting and commenting..


fully agree - and it is the best way i think .. share with your close one

keep visiting and commenting..


Thanks for expressing urs views...